Sony PS3 Owners Owed Money From ‘Other Operating System’ Class Action Settlement

Sony is required to pay some Playstation 3 owners as part of its settlement in a class-action lawsuit.

It’s always nice for corporations to owe you money, isn’t it? I mean, you shell out plenty of money buying whatever it is that they’re selling. So, the least they could do is give a few bucks back to you every once in a while, right? At least in the form of a discount or something.

Well, if you’re a PS3 owner, today could be your lucky day. Lifehacker points out that thanks to the “Other Operating System” Settlement, you could be entitled up to $55 from Sony.

Apparently, in 2010, Sony removed the ability to install the operating system Linux from the PlayStation 3 though it was a promised feature of the system. Sony disabled the “install other OS” feature during a PS3 software update (a move it claimed was due to piracy concerns), thereby removing the ability to run Linux on it.

People sued, and the case was eventually settled. Now, if you can prove that you used the “Other Operating System” feature to install Linux (because it was your only option) then, you’re entitled to a $55 settlement. If you have only proof of purchase for your PS3 at the time, they’ll give you $9 just for that.

According to the settlement notice sent out:

If you purchased a Fat PS3 in the United States between November 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010, from an authorized retailer for family, personal, and/or household use, you are a Class Member and may be eligible to submit a claim to receive a cash payment.

According to Ars Technica, claims are due by Dec. 7. The money you’re owed should be sent out early next year, pending final approval of the settlement.

The proof you’ll need to walk away with some cash:

  • proof of purchase before April 1, 2010 of a version of Linux that is compatible with and was installed on your Fat PS3
  • proof that you downloaded a version of Linux that was compatible with and was installed on your Fat PS3 prior to April 1, 2010
  • a screenshot (or picture) showing Linux operating on your Fat PS3
  • a screenshot (or picture) showing that a portion of your Fat PS3 hard drive is still formatted for the Other OS with Linux installed
  • proof that you communicated with SCEA or a third party before December 31, 2010, to discuss your use of the Other OS or your concerns about Update 3.21, for example, copies of an email from you or a message that you posted on a message board that discusses your use of the Other OS functionality or Linux on the Fat PS3 or
  • any other documentary proof you may have that shows that you used the Other OS functionality before April 1, 2010 that the Settlement Administrator determines to be valid.

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If that sounds complicated, luckily there’s an online form to walk you through the steps.