Sassy Sophia succulent planter is a must-buy for any ‘Golden Girls’ fan


If you’re a plant lover, you probably have a fickle fiddle leaf, some spiky snake plants and a showy monstera. Now all you need is a cute succulent inside the curmudgeonly face of Sophia Petrillo from “Golden Girls,” and your plant collection will have the sassiness it’s been missing.

The Sophia Face Mini Ceramic Planter is shaped like Sophia’s head, with her face set in a permanently grumpy expression. There’s a faux succulent included with the planter, so there’s no need to water or care for a living plant. The plant itself will remain as dry as Sophia’s sense of humor.


The faux succulent vaguely resembles Sophia’s hair, bringing the look of Estelle Getty’s famous character to (faux) life. It would be the perfect gift for any fan of this beloved 1980s sitcom. You know, the kind of superfan who has all sorts of other “Golden Girls” items (such as “Golden Girls” wallpaper, shot glasses, prayer candles, tiki mugs, holiday ornaments and hot sauce) lovingly placed throughout their home.

Measuring 3 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches, the ceramic Sophia head with its succulent hair is available on Amazon for $19.99. The planter is approximately palm-sized, as you can see in this image from the Amazon page:


The only mystery remaining is why there aren’t any similar planters that sport the faces of the other three “Golden Girls.” Still, if you’re craving more “Golden Girls” goodies that include all four women, you’ll find that Amazon is a treasure trove of nostalgia-drenched paraphernalia for fans of the TV series.

For example, you can channel those “Golden Girls” vibes while cooking in this black and white apron with the cast photo on the front. It’s yours for $16.99.


Express your love for the four sassy female friends every time you go shopping with this cheerful tote bag. At $21.99, it has a bright, golden background and illustrations of the “girls'” faces.


Or, to pepper your space with more “Golden Girls”-related greenery, check out the Chia Pet busts of the main characters. You can get one of Sophia to go with your succulent planter, or select Dorothy, Blanche or Rose (pictured here and available on Amazon for $19.95).


Of course, you could always purchase one of these products as a gift … with a card attached that says, “Thank you for being a friend!”

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