Sourdough pizza bombs are the absolute best way to make pizza

Dinner Then Dessert

My love for pizza knows no bounds. I like to think of it as a major food group. But even I can get tired of the same old traditional pizza slice. Sometimes, I want something different to change things up. Well, say hello to sourdough pizza bombs!

These little flavor explosions are the perfect way to blow up anyone’s pizza rut. Not only do you get a new twist with a flavorful crust, but the poppable shapes make it the perfect snack for game day or any other party.

The Sourdough Pizza Bombs recipe posted on A Chick and Her Garden came about when blogger Staci was looking for new ways to use up her sourdough starter. She went from researching dinner rolls to creating these little beauties:

A Chick and Her Garden

This recipe does take some time and requires a sourdough starter, but it’s worth it. The addition of banana peppers and pepperoni amps up the bombastic flavors of these delicious pizza rolls!

Or maybe you want a sourdough pretzel crust to surround your pizza filling. In which case The Kitchen Whisperer’s Sourdough Stuffed Pepperoni Cheesy Pretzel Rolls might satisfy that craving. Also known as “Manly Pretzels” by the recipe creator, these bombs may not have the classic pizza sauce you’d expect, but the cheese and pepperoni bring plenty of pizza pizzaz to the party. You could always bring along the sauce on the side if you really wanted to.

The Kitchen Whisperer

For those of you who maybe don’t love the taste of sourdough — or don’t love the time it requires — there are other pizza bomb recipes that will fit your needs. These Caprese Pizza Bombs, for example, by Dinner Then Dessert claim to offer a more “refined” taste to what some may call a kids’ dish, presumably because of the use of fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on the inside:

Dinner Then Dessert

No matter which one you choose, any of these pizza bombs are sure to bring a blast of flavor to the table.


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