This Spa Lets You Swim In Your Favorite Beverage

Do you have a favorite beverage that you just can’t get enough of? Red wine, perhaps? Or coffee?

A spa in Japan, which is now on my bucket list to visit, offers several different beverage-based baths for customers to soak in, including red wine, coffee, green tea and sake.

Video blogger Starlet Shay visited the spa, located less than two hours from Tokyo, and captured her delightful visit on video. Skip to 1:15 below to see Shay test out each of the beverages. Note: The bright-green pool is actually green tea not Mountain Dew, as it appears.

The spa claims that the various beverages offer benefits to your skin and overall health. While that may be debatable, the novelty of taking a swim in your favorite drink is not!

[h/t Business Insider]