Spend Just $6 At The Dollar Store And Organize Your Car In The Best Way Possible

It all begins with one random item left in the car and before you know what happened, the car is covered in clutter. These inexpensive tips will bring you back to square one and hopefully keep you there.

1. Popsicle Mold

Any small, loose items can be stored in the compartments of a popsicle mold. The best part is that the container is easily washed when anything grimy gets into it.


2. Toy Organizer

Toiletry holder turns entertainment bag. Instead of each of these items being spread out on the floor out of reach, this holder consolidates them while keeping them easily accessible to your kids.

3. Plastic Bag Organizer

Not only is a tissue box a great way to organize your plastic bags, it also helps to make sure you have them on hand when you need them. If you have yet to discover this trick, get the instructions here.

4. First Aid Kit

Band-aids thrown in the bottom of a purse do not count as a first aid kit. A simple zip-up makeup bag is the perfect thing to hold your medical essentials and can be stored right in your glove box.

5. Cereal Container Trash Can

A plastic cereal container is an inexpensive, spill-proof choice for a car garbage can. You can also make use of those plastic bags by using them as garbage can liners.

Dollar Tree

6. Suction Cup Shower Caddies

Blogger Hayley at Grey House Harbor found that small shower caddies can be suctioned to car windows just as easily as to mirrors. You can use them to hold snacks, toys, pacifiers or any other essential items you don’t want to lose in the car somewhere.

Grey House Harbor

[H/t: HGTV]