Spend your next vacation sleeping under the stars in these tiny glass houses


Visitors flock to New Zealand for many experiences. There are world-class wineries, adrenaline-pumping adventures and incredibly unique cultures throughout both islands. No matter what tourists choose to do, everywhere they look is a gorgeous landscape. That last alone is a top attraction. Naturally, local accommodations clued into that and created the ultimate way for visitors to immerse themselves in the pristine Kiwi wilderness — PurePods.

PurePods are glass eco-cabins, and they’re all about the view — 360-degree views to be exact. New Zealand In Depth travel experts arranged the one-of-a-kind accommodations in gorgeous locations around the country. The free-standing glass houses provide the perfect home base to soak up and explore the landscapes of the South Island made famous by Lord of the Rings and other silver screen hits.


Clear View

Instead of traditional ceilings and opaque walls and floors to block even a slice of the view, the entire house is made of glass. There’s nothing to obstruct your view in any direction. You’ll be so focused on the view, you might even forget there’s a layer of glass separating you from the blockbuster-worthy landscape.


With all that glass, you might be concerned about privacy, but you shouldn’t be. The PurePods are located in remote areas of private farmland, so there’s nobody to intrude on your little box of paradise. Visitors don’t even receive directions to their remote PurePod until right before their arrival.


There’s also nothing to distract you from the serenity of nature. There’s no Wi-Fi, TV or cell signal. These tiny homes offer off-the-grid living at its finest. In fact, the website says, “We apologize if you can get a phone signal — ignore it!”

Eco-Friendly Retreat

There are seven distinctive PurePods to choose from spread around New Zealand. Each one includes all the usual hotel amenities you’d expect in a high-end hotel room. The floor is heated and the beds have pillowy soft linens.


These creature comforts don’t come at the cost of the surrounding environment, though. Each self-contained retreat runs on solar power, has a solar shower, uses filtered rainwater and has natural waste composting.

A one-night stay for two in a PurePod, through New Zealand In Depth, is around $400. The rate includes dinner and breakfast and whatever spectacular show nature has in store. Are you ready for a pod-hopping adventure with the Kiwis?


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