Spend your summer perched like a goddess on this oyster shell pool float

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Get ready to channel your inner goddess as you spend your time floating on this inflatable pool accessory all summer long! The oyster shell float from Frontgate is great for kids and adults alike and will surely take your pool days to the next level.

The float isn’t cheap — it comes in at $129. But considering it will put you on display like the beautiful pearl that you are, it’s totally worth it. We have a feeling that Italian artist Sandro Botticelli would approve; this eye-catching float definitely evokes his depiction of the Roman goddess of love arriving on the shore in “The Birth of Venus.”

As if that wasn’t enough to convince you to make a purchase, the shell float also comes with an air pump and a repair kit, so keeping this pool accessory full of air and in tip-top shape will be easy.

You could be sitting pretty like this all summer long:


And if you’d prefer to trade your legs for a mermaid tail, we’re thinking Ariel would also love the under-the-sea princess vibe this float gives off. You’ll be pleased to know that there are several other seashell float options out there for a sea creature like you.

For instance, you can find a shell-shaped float big enough for you and a friend. The more mermaids the merrier, after all! It’s available for $19.99 at Walmart — and it even comes with cup holders:


This next iridescent shell float comes with a pearl beach ball accessory for added fun! The product description points out that not only is this great for lounging in the pool, but it can also be used as a beach chair, too. It’s available for $147.00 on Amazon:


I’m convinced that lounging in a seashell is pretty much the only way I want to spend my time this summer. So, if you need me — you know where to find me.

Care to join in on the pool party fun? Let the seashell float-shopping (try saying that five times fast) begin!