A Spice Girls reunion tour is looking increasingly likely

Stop right now, thank you very much. It’s looking increasingly likely that a Spice Girls reunion tour is in the works, and it’s the most exciting news fans have heard since the Spice Girls first split up in 2000.

Rumors of a reunion first started spreading when the Spice Girls all posted the same group photo to their social media profiles, with singer Emma Bunton captioning her post, “The future looks spicy!”

Soon after, unnamed sources told TMZ that the Spice Girls are reportedly reuniting for a tour through the United Kingdom and the United States. There’s been no confirmation from any of the band’s leading ladies, but rumor has it that the band will be kicking off a tour by the end of this summer.

Sources told TMZ that the Spice Girls would be led by their former manager and “American Idol” creator Simon Fuller, and that the group (sadly) wouldn’t be producing any new music as part of the tour. And despite Geri Halliwell’s early departure from the Spice Girls in 1998, it seems like all five women would be coming back for the tour, including Mel B., Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, and Melanie C., all on board alongside Halliwell.

Here’s the gang, all back together again:


Halliwell also dropped hints of a possible collaboration to The Sun recently. She said the group had tried to make a reunion happen in 2016, for the 20th anniversary of “Wannabe,” but it hadn’t worked out. Now, however? There’s definitely something in the works, although Halliwell didn’t confirm a tour.

“Whatever we decide to do, however it unfolds, it will be something joyful and very connective,” she said. “We love our fans, we love the music, we respect them. And we want to share that spirit of the Spice Girls. All I can say is: Watch this space.”

For any Spice Girl fans out there—myself included—that’s incredibly exciting news. Here’s to hoping they make it to a city nearby!