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Spill-Proof Wine Glasses Are Here So You’ll Never Waste Another Drop

This spill-proof wine glass is the greatest invention since, well, wine. The shape and design of this hand-made glass makes it pretty darn impossible to knock over your vino (something that becomes likelier with the more glasses we drink!).

The Saturn Wine Glass can be knocked, bumped and rolled without spilling a drop. The fact that the glass is able to rotate on an axis (sort of like a planet) is what makes it so spill-proof.

But, a fancy wine glass doesn’t come cheap. Each lead-free crystal wine glass retails for $32, if you purchase it through the Super Duper Studio site, though it’s backordered until August. If you want it sooner, you can get it in 4-7 business days for $46 through

The company behind this game-changer, SuperDuperStudio, offers the Saturn glass for red and white wine, and they make a rocks glass version as well.


The question is: how long are you willing to wait for a spill-free wine-drinking session? These glasses are pricey, but you can’t really put a price on the assurance of not spilling that red wine all over yourself, can you? I say no.

Check out this video and see what this glass is really capable of:

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Feeling ready to invest in these? I don’t blame you one bit.

[h/t: PopSugar]