This spinach and tortellini soup is so delicious—And easy to make

Lil' Luna

The last thing you want to do on a long, cold winter’s night is come home to an unprepared dinner — and that’s why this recipe is perfect. Not only is it warm and absolutely delicious, but it’s easy to make in your slow cooker so it’s ready and waiting for you at the end of the day.

The recipe for tortellini spinach soup from Lil’ Luna is so simple that it only requires five minutes of prep work. Once you’ve gotten your ingredients inside of the slow cooker, the soup is ready to cook for several hours before you spoon it into a bowl and enjoy it in your pajamas and cozy socks. Because that’s the way to eat dinner in the winter, after all!

You’ll need frozen cheese tortellini, fresh spinach, a can of diced tomatoes, chicken broth, cream cheese and seasonings to bring this creamy, veggie- and pasta-filled soup to life.

Once you’ve let all that simmer in your slow cooker for about three hours, you’ll be ready to eat this delicious dish:

Lil' Luna

If you’ve got time to cook up something yummy on your stovetop, this recipe from Yellow Bliss Road builds on the spinach tortellini soup you can make in your slow cooker by adding Italian sausage into the mix.

You’ll create the soup base using vegetable or chicken broth, crushed tomatoes and fresh chopped basil. Spinach, tortellini and ground Italian sausage are also added to create a soup that’s hearty and tasty. The recipe also recommends toasting baguette slices and melting cheese on top for an added bit of crunch.

After 20-30 minutes of simmering on the stovetop, this soup can be ready just in time for dinner:

Yellow Bliss Road

A version from Gal On A Mission makes the tomato even more of a standout in the recipe by adding a can of tomato sauce along with a can of diced tomatoes. So, this has the flavor of classic tomato soup, but with the addition of three-cheese tortellini, too.

This version leaves out the spinach leaves and adds fresh basil, but spinach can be easily added back in if you’d prefer a bit of green to complement that beautiful, tomato-red color.

Lucky for you — this can be prepared all in one pot and is ready to spoon up in just 47 minutes.

Gal On A Mission

Whether you let your slow cooker or your stovetop do the work, there’s no way these soup recipes won’t become weeknight staples for you and your family this winter!


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