Cat patios (AKA ‘catios’) are the newest way to spoil your kitty

Cats enjoy lounging outdoors just as much as we do. Have you ever seen a cat napping in the sun? In that moment, they truly look like they’re living their best life. That’s why cat owners are now giving their feline friends their very own outdoor spaces.

The Seattle-based Catio Spaces makes patio especially for your cat. They offer downloadable, DIY catio plans (priced between $39.95 and $69.95), and also do custom catios that are designed and built to your specifications. These enclosed outdoor spaces for cats are the perfect way to pamper your kitty! With a catio, your cat can enjoy the great outdoors without getting into the trouble that predators can bring. It also stops them from bothering dogs and birds. It makes total sense. After all, dogs get dog houses. Why shouldn’t cats get their own habitat, too?

Check out a video from the folks at Catio Spaces. This catio fills me with delight:

People have really gotten into the trend, and the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and Audubon Society of Portland are even holding a Catio Tour on Sept. 8. It’s the sixth annual event of its kind. If you live in the area and would like to participate with your catio, enter here.

“Catios have grown in popularity,” Meg Viezbicke of the Cats Safe at Home Campaign told Oregon Live. “Portland’s tour has inspired Seattle, Santa Cruz and Austin in running their own tours.”

What does your typical catio look like? Some catios can be elaborate, with features built in to keep your cat entertained, and to help them meet their exercise goals. Such features can include ramps, spiral staircases and more. Other catios keep it simple. This photo of a shelter catio, posted by Instagram user @cattitude_is_everything, shows a space that almost looks like a kitty gym:

Instagram user @shoman07 posted a photo of a catio meant more for lounging:

This catio, shared by Instagram user @sarawoodwardrealtor, has plenty of height options if your cat is into climbing:

Same for this catio, shared by Instagram user @catioguy, which also has the tallest scratching post we’ve ever seen:

Finally, these cats from Australia—who belong to Instagram user @pretty_pearlie—are absolutely majestic as they look out at the early morning sky from their catio:

What do you think? Are you tempted to give your cat a catio?

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