Sports Authority Is Having A Major Going Out Of Business Sale

Sports Authority is sadly going out of business, but as a last effort to get rid of their goods, they are offering massive sales.

If you need clothing for your workouts, outdoor game equipment, etc. head over to your local Sports Authority to receive major discounts on anything sports-related that you could possibly need starting May 26.

Stores nation-wide are participating in the sale, so no matter where you live, if there’s a store near you, you’ll be able to take advantage of this money-saving opportunity.

The store reportedly filed for bankruptcy back in March, and after attempting to restructure the business, they have decided that the best thing for the business will be to close its doors.

According to USA Today, a rise in online shopping has been a detriment to the store. “It’s a hypercompetitive industry,’’ says Katie Nemec, spokeswoman for the National Sporting Goods Association. According to the publication, she also added that online retailers who don’t have to tack sales tax onto merchandise get “an unfair advantage . . . If that company is in a state where they don’t have to charge it, we see it almost as a discount to the consumer.’’

If you’ve been a fan of the brand, now’s you last chance to take advantage of all the retailer has to offer. Rack up on your favorite brands including Under Armour, Adidas and more, all at a discount just in time for summer and don’t forget about Father’s Day!

[h/t: Yahoo!News]

Photo by Phillip Pessar