Sports Parents: You Need This Personal Tent For Game Day!

Nothing beats the dedication of a sports parent. Whether it is football, soccer, baseball, dance, or all of the above, moms and dads are out there for every game and every recital. Rain or shine, they are on the sidelines to cheer on their little champions.


That being said, sometimes being a sports parent can be a real trial to the soul. Not only do you have to shuttle your kid around like an Uber driver working overtime, but you also have to endure the other parents.

And, did we mention the weather? The cold, the rain, the freezing winds. Yikes! You’re out there trembling like a leaf as you watch your son take another ball to the face.


Luckily, there is now a product that can help to relieve some of your pain. Yes, no more shivering in the rain for you. Check this baby out!

Pop-up Tents Made by a company called Under the Weather are the solution to every sports-parent’s woes. They’re made by parents who had their own trials and tribulations schlepping to their son’s soccer games.

The mini-tents can even be used during the warm weather because they block the sun with UV-protection, offer shade and keep bugs at bay. They’re also great at blocking the cold and the rain. And the snow. Eeek!

Under the weather tent

The tent can be purchased on their website and it comes in a variety of colors. Um, yes, please!

At the end of the day, no matter how horrible the weather and no matter the score at the end of the game, only one thing really matters: That your kids look out into the stands and see you—sitting there, cheering them on and beaming with pride whether they win or lose.

But, let’s be honest, it’s always 10 times more awesome if they win!