Spread Holiday Cheer With This Random Acts Of Kindness Calendar

If singing loud for all to hear isn’t your ideal way to spread holiday cheer—no need to worry. There is a fantastic alternative out there. I understand that some may balk at any change to Christmas tradition, but you could always present those naysayers with a loudly-sung, off-key carol as the alternative, and I’m sure they will be jumping on board before the end of the first verse.

If you’re looking to add a new holiday tradition or shake up some old ones, this new take on an advent calendar may be right up your alley.

Wondermom Wannabe has created this Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar as an easy way to spread the Christmas spirit. Each day suggests a small, warmhearted action that you can do for someone else. From “make someone laugh” to “fill a bag with clothes to donate,” her suggested actions are both simple and practical.

Whether you follow this calendar or create your own, practicing a random act of kindness each day in December will no doubt leave you and those around you with a little more joy. As they say “it is better to give than to receive.”

Wondermom Wannabe

However you implement this tradition in your home, it’s sure to bring some smiles to those around you.

Head on over to Wondermom Wannabe to download and print this calendar—then hang it somewhere everyone in your home can see it and get started spreading holiday cheer!