This Star Wars Waffle Maker Will Make Your Mornings Way Better

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, so you might as well make it memorable. Fans of the Star Wars saga — adults and kids alike — will appreciate a new kitchen gadget that makes the morning so much more awesome and delicious!

There’s now a waffle maker that makes your waffles look like the Death Star. The waffle maker was created by the online shop ThinkGeek, and claims the Dark Side is the place to be because they have waffles!


In the product description online, waffles are likened to the Death Star weapon from the Star Wars movies in that waffles are not what they seem to be:

“The secret of the Death Star was that it looked like one thing, but it was technically another. It looked like a moon hanging there in space, but we know that secretly it was actually a space station,” the company wrote. “Waffles are a lot like that, too. They look like dessert, all covered with strawberries and whipped cream and chocolate chips and powdered sugar and syrup (well, maybe not all of those at once), but they’re technically breakfast.”

Dessert or breakfast, I like a meal that doesn’t discriminate.


And while these waffles may look like they’re straight from Darth Vader’s kitchen, they’re actually even better than anything that exists in the Star Wars universe because they can be topped with syrup and devoured!

This super cool kitchen gadget retails for $39.99 and is sure to be a conversation starter. There’s nothing better than a balanced, nutritious, Star Wars-filled breakfast, after all!