Star Wars Fans: You Can Now Brew Coffee In An R2-D2 French Press

If you’re a Star Wars fan who also likes coffee, you’re in for a treat. You can now make your morning cup of joe in an R2-D2 French press that is sure to be the most unique piece of your Star Wars collection. Not to mention you’ll get a tasty cup of coffee out of the deal.

Think Geek

The French press is available for pre-order on Think Geek for $39.99, and it will be available in January of 2017. Making java in this droid works just like any other French Press. Just add your grounds and boiling water in R2-D2’s glass body, brew for a few minutes, and plunge. Be sure to check out these tips for brewing the perfect cup of French press coffee at home.

R2-D2 will serve up 32 ounces (about four cups) of piping hot coffee.

Think Geek

This coffee maker includes the glass carafe, plunger, filter and housing. If you’re a true fan of the “Star Wars” franchise, you’ll want to get your hands on one of these babies ASAP.