Every ‘Star Wars’ fan needs to see these gingerbread houses

It’s nearly Christmas Day, which means gingerbread houses are everywhere, and in every possible theme (I totally picked up a My Little Pony kit at my local market).

Making a gingerbread house always sounds like fun at first, but once you take out the frosting and candy and realize the walls seriously will not stay up, you end up with a pile of gingerbread pieces and a sad child who just doesn’t understand why you can’t make it look like the North Pole.


But then there are those people who are talented bakers. People who look at gingerbread houses as a challenge, rather than as a failure just waiting for you to embark upon.

Case in point—the creative minds behind the Star Wars Bakery on Instagram. They’ve managed to create not only the Imperial Star Destroyer, but also an Imperial AT-AT and a Millennium Falcon—all, of course, out of gingerbread!


The gingerbread Star Destroyer is now on display at DICE headquarters in Stockholm, where it was actually transported without falling apart. Check out how it made the trip:


And here it is on display among other gingerbread creations, which, I have to say, when compared to what I’ve come up with on my own, are also pretty amazing:


When the bakers at Star Wars Bakery created their Imperial AT-AT, they shared the process with their Instagram followers. This thing is amazing:


And if neither of those are your thing, how about a Millennium Falcon? That one is impressive, too!


But don’t worry if there is absolutely no way you’ll ever come close to such a festive holiday creation. You could always try your hand at this life-size house at Disney World or this Downtown Abbey replica!


But really, if you and gingerbread houses just don’t get along, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on gingerbread altogether.

Check out this easy gingerbread hot chocolate, this gingerbread bread or even flipped-upside-down gingerbread man that is now an adorable reindeer cookie!

But gingerbread fail or not, that’s not what the holidays are about anyway. So maybe just look at pictures of other people’s creations? Merry Christmas!