Starbucks’ Affogato-Style Frappuccino Will Become Your New Favorite Dessert

Coffee + ice cream = well, heaven, but also an affogato. This creamy concoction goes from sweet treat to sugary, caffeinated goodness thanks to the addition of a little espresso.

Starbucks clearly had this heavenly combo in mind when creating their latest menu items. Unlike the rainbow drinks, the new affogato offerings are actually on the menu, so you won’t have to memorize the ingredients  (although they’re pretty hard to forget).

In their best effort to recreate an Italian-style affogato, Starbucks is taking three of their frappuccino flavors and pouring a shot of espresso on the top to finish it off. Plus whipped cream, of course.

You can choose from three flavors—Vanilla Bean, Caramel or Mocha—for your frapp base, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to put each one of them to the taste test.

These affogatos will be on the menu for the rest of summer. If you usually hit up Starbucks in the mornings, get ready to make it your evening pit stop, too. Because who wouldn’t want to end their days with an affogato-style dessert? You can most certainly count me in!

[h/t: PopSugar]