Could Unicorn Lemonade Be Up Next For Starbucks?

Just when you thought that this whole “unicorn” drink and food fad was coming to an end, it turns out it may only be getting started.

After successfully launching the now famous Unicorn Frappuccino, several Starbucks baristas are already working on creating the next big drink.

So maybe the baristas weren’t “officially” working on creating the next big drink for the company to sell, but they were experimenting with some colorful powders while off-shift and may have inadvertently created a new “secret” menu item for Starbucks customer to order.

The barista, Aukse Buganauskaite, who posted the above Instagram post and a Reddit post (which has since been deleted), wrote in the caption, “Getting creative with the new blue and pink powders at #Starbucks.”

She shared the recipes for the two drinks in a comment on Reddit:

It’s actually really yummy if you like sour! It’s just a layered raspberry lemonade. On the left, the first half is with the blue powder and the top with the pink. The one of the right is just a lemonade with the blue powder on the bottom and then passion tea on top. If you put extra ice in the cup you’re able to layer it 🙂

So now you know what to ask for when you order this during your next Starbucks visit—provided the stores are still carrying the Unicorn ingredients.

To no surprise though, the barista—if her Twitter location is accurate lives in Woodridge, Illinois—received a little backlash on the photo-sharing site Reddit, with comments such as “Keep it far away from Instagram. And Facebook. Twitter. Rip Reddit when people start asking for it” and “I feel like you’ve created a monster. I’m already naming the right one a Bomb Pop.”

But clearly the barista didn’t see the comment suggesting she shouldn’t post the photo on Instagram because currently, the beautiful two-toned lemonade concoctions are up on the social media platform for the world to see.

Although, this barista’s not the only one responsible for what may become Starbucks’ next big drink craze.

At least one Starbucks location promoted a new Dragon Frappuccino, which is similar to the Unicorn Frappuccino, but was created more or less by accident after baristas had to get creative when they started to run out of ingredients for the Unicorn Frapp.