This Smart Mug Keeps Coffee At Your Ideal Temperature

Baby it’s cold outside! So you know what that means? You need your coffee hot, hot, hot. And since you might not be stopping in to your local Starbucks quite as frequently now that temps have dropped, you’re going to need a way to create the perfect cup yourself.

OK, so this will require one more trip to Starbucks, or at least the Starbucks website, to pick up the latest item they’re selling—the Ember Smart Mug. According to AdWeek, 100 Starbucks have started to carry this thermos-style mug that lets you control the temperature your coffee is set at.

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According to Tech Crunch, the Ember company got its start as a Kickstarter, and now, as AdWeek points out, Starbucks will be the sole distributor of the product. This start-up company certainly isn’t doing bad for itself!

The fact that you can keep your coffee set at a certain temp, all with the turn of the dial (or the touch of a finger through the app) makes it easy to see why Starbucks would want to carry this product. It’s genius, isn’t it?

But how does it keep your beverage evenly heated?

“Ember works with semiconductors inside to bring a drink to the ideal temp and hold it there it for hours,” CEO Clay Alexander told Tech Crunch.

Now brace yourselves for the sticker shock: The mug retails for $149.95! That is not pocket change. Still, this smart mug needs to be charged just one time when it’s fresh out of the box. Other than that, it’s ready to have your to-go coffee poured into it. Then, it’ll keep it warm for hours to come! Beats your regular thermos, huh?

Business Insider points out that this can also be used to keep cold beverages cool, too. So really, is there anything this thermos can’t do?

[h/t: Tech Crunch]