8 Secret Starbucks Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

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When it comes to consistent and convenient coffee, Starbucks is the go-to choice for many. Whether you’re a fan of their signature cappuccinos, or maybe you’re more of a cold-brew lover, people feel that Starbucks is a reliable source for their everyday coffee needs.

Over 60 million people visit Starbucks each week, but most people may not realize a number of tips and tricks to make the most out of their coffee experience. To help you save money, you should know these eight Starbucks hacks that can help you get the best possible deals for your coffee.

1. Don’t Stress About Being Too Early Or Late

Need to hit up Starbucks a little earlier or later than usual? If you’re within 10 minutes of their posted hours, the location is still required to be open. This is solely for good customer service and to accommodate Starbucks patrons.

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2. Request No Water For Your Iced Tea

Starbucks iced tea are brewed strong and then watered down, so if you’re looking for a greater jolt of caffeine, ask for no added water.

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3. Use Your Own Cup

Save 10 cents by bringing in your own cup, whether it’s a reusable one or even one from a competitor. If you get coffee daily, those 10 cents can add up quickly.

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4. Ask For Less Ice

When ordering an iced coffee, ask for light ice or ice on the side. This leaves more room for coffee, as the baristas usually fill half the cup with ice and half with coffee.

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5. You Can Order A Short

Not craving that much coffee? Consider ordering an off-menu size: the short. This 8-ounce drink is smaller than a tall, but it makes a good-sized cappuccino and is especially useful if you’re trying to finish your coffee in a rush.

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6. Get A Tall Drink In A Grande Cup

If you like adding milk or cream to your coffee, order a tall drink in a grande cup, that way you don’t miss out on any coffee that they leave out to make room for your addition.

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7. Make Your Own Latte

Instead of paying full price for a latte, order two to three shots of espresso and just add your own milk. This will cost you half the price.

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8. Get A 50 Cent Refill

Planning on staying awhile? Get your bang for your buck by signing up for the Starbucks reward program and get a 50 cent refill. If you’re a frequent Starbucks-goer, you can even get free refills once you hit the gold membership.

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Photo by Marc van der Chijs