Starbucks Has A New Cinnamon Shortbread Latte

While winter is definitely my favorite season, once the holidays are over, I admit the cold and snowy weather can start to get a bit tedious. While a white Christmas is, of course, wonderful, is it necessary to have a white Tuesday, Wednesday and … all the days?

The one thing that keeps me going until I can wear a light jacket instead of a snowsuit, however, is winter treats — drinks specifically. No, not this salted caramel winter martini — though that certainly helps — it’s the trips to Starbucks for their latest winter beverage that make the season a bit more bearable.

Their newest creation is the cinnamon shortbread latte, which not only sounds delicious but also super cozy! The drink combines espresso with notes of brown butter and vanilla and is topped with cinnamon and nutmeg. Starbucks compares it to “cookie butter in a cup”!

You can order it hot, of course, or get it iced or blended as a Frappuccino. You can also customize it by choosing either blonde or signature espresso. If you like your drinks smooth and subtly sweet, go for the blonde. If you prefer a dark roast with rich caramel sweetness, the signature espresso is probably more for you.a

The cinnamon shortbread latte is only available for a limited time, so make sure you hurry — even if it’s freezing outside.


You’ll also find some new winter food items on the menu at Starbucks, all of which sound like they’d go perfectly with the newest latte. Not only is there a new flavor of sous vide egg bites, ham, cheddar and peppers, but there is also a new ham and Swiss panini. But the new addition that I’m pretty sure will be my new favorite is a red velvet cake loaf.

It’s red velvet cake swirled with vanilla-flavored cake and topped with white chocolatey icing. While the egg bites and panini are joining the menu as permanent items, the red velvet loaf cake is only coming for a limited time.


Which of these new menu items will you be adding to your Starbucks order?