Starbucks Introduces Colorful Limited-Edition Cups For Spring

It’s a new sign that spring is on its way—Starbucks has announced their first-ever spring cups to celebrate the arrival of the season.

“After the gray days of winter, there’s nothing quite like those first few bursts of color that indicate the arrival of springtime (which officially arrives March 20),” Starbucks writes on their website.

The coffee chain began offering seasonal cups in 1997 with their first holiday cup. They have cups celebrating autumn, summer and the holiday season, but this is the first time spring will be included.

Starbucks says each tall, grande and venti size will have its own cheerful color with white dots and hand-drawn designs. The cups with just the white dots are fun for drawing on, so you can make your own spring artwork. The ones with designs include a sun, umbrella, rabbit and others. Perfect for spring!


In 2015, Starbucks’ special holiday cups brewed up some controversy after some people said the company was waging a war on Christmas. Starbucks removed symbols used in the past, like reindeer and ornaments and instead went with a simple two-toned red cup.

A former pastor took issue with that, however, and said Starbucks removed “Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus.” Starbucks brought back the red holiday cups in 2016, but also included cups that featured 13 different cups designed by customers.

With the bright colors and happy drawings, these super cute spring cups should be controversy-free!


The cups will be available beginning March 16 at Starbucks stores across the United States and Canada. Just like the holiday cups, they’ll only be available for a short time, so be sure to get one before they’re gone.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the summer cups!