Starbucks is testing a new delivery service

Soon, you may not need to pay a visit to your nearest Starbucks location in order to get that dose of caffeine you need. Starbucks has begun testing a new delivery service with online food ordering company Uber Eats, so eventually, you may be able to have coffee delivered right when that 3 p.m. slump hits.

If you happen to live in the Miami-Dade or Broward County areas in Florida, you already have access to this Uber Eats service. The delivery company confirmed to Nation’s Restaurant News that Starbucks began testing delivery in this market and that 100 stores are participating.

Starbucks Coffee Emerges As Largest Food Chain in Manhattan
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But even if you don’t live in Florida, there’s still a chance that Starbucks delivery could be an option for you. Starbucks is also delivered through Postmates, a company that operates a network of couriers who deliver goods locally. It’s a service that’s available in about 400 areas across the country.

Still, 400 isn’t all that many when you really think about it. And that’s precisely why this Uber Eats partnership is exciting. It will be the first time the Starbucks brand has made a delivery option available to the masses.

Uber Eats

For now, those who have access to Uber Eats can order “select items” from the menu, including some “favorite items” that have been tested for delivery, Uber Eats told National Restaurant News.

According to people online, this whole Starbucks delivery idea is long overdue. Twitter user @pipp_sarah says this is something Starbucks “needs”:

Some even wish the delivery service was even more convenient than the one they’re testing. Twitter user @tripp_martinez is suggesting drone delivery for the future of Starbucks:

Twitter user @SarahSorlie considers Starbucks delivery a “need in life”:

And there are plenty of others who would agree! In fact, nearly 60 percent of restaurant owners surveyed by Technomic reported that offering a delivery option raised sales — so this need for food on-demand isn’t going to change anytime soon. The opposite, actually. It’s only continuing to grow.

According to the Technomic study, the number of people ordering out is expected to rise 12 percent each year over the next five years. So, yeah — Starbucks is definitely going to want to get in on the delivery action. And coffee fans can hardly wait!

Fingers crossed the limited Uber Eats rollout is a success, and that they soon expand to even more locations.