Where to find Starbucks’ limited-edition dark chocolate frappuccino

Starbucks certainly gives customers a lot to keep up with. There’s the secret menu items, the pumpkin spice-flavored fall beverages (even though it’s only the beginning of September), and now there’s even a limited-edition item you’re going to want to get your hands on! Especially if you weren’t quite ready for all of the PSL hype, you’re going to want to find out how to try Starbucks’ new limited-edition dark chocolate frappuccino while you can.

Dark chocolate frappuccinos are available only at Starbucks locations inside Target stores. So, you’ll have to specifically swing by Target if you’re looking to give this drink a try.

The dark chocolate frappuccino is said to be even more rich than the mocha frappuccino, mainly because of one key ingredient—an extra helping of dark cocoa powder. Yes, please!

As you can see in the photo below from Instagrammer Bryann Panawish, the extra cocoa powder also affects the color, making this as dark and chocolatey in appearance as it is in taste.


The drinks will be available while supplies last, so you’re going to have to act quickly if you want to get your hands on this extra chocolatey beverage.

The dark chocolate taste (and color) may seem familiar because it’s similar to the flavor from the midnight mint mocha frappuccino, minus the addition of minty bliss. (This new one’s pure chocolate, folks!)


And if people respond as well to this dark chocolate version as they did to its mint predecessor, well watch out—because your local Target Starbucks is about to get very crowded.

While the dark chocolate frappuccinos are officially only available at Starbucks locations within Target stores, a Starbucks rep told Food & Wine that other locations should have access to extra dark cocoa powder, since it was previously used to make the midnight mint frap. So, in theory, you could order this at any location—think of it as the latest secret menu item.