Starbucks has a new cold brew that changes colors as you drink it

It seems like Starbucks is always coming out with something new and innovative that everybody’s buzzing about. The coffee chain’s latest eye-catching creation is a layered, colorful cold brew drink called Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew. As you sip, the straw swirls the purple, yellow and brown colors together, making for one very groovy-looking drink!

Unfortunately, this pretty new drink is only available in 11 markets throughout Asia, where it will be sold starting Feb. 20 for a limited time while supplies last. But still, you have to get a look at this beauty, and we can cross our fingers that the drink will be a success and make its way to the United States sometime soon.


The purple hue comes from butterfly pea flower tea, which starts out blue and turns purple when mixed with lemonade. The pea flower tea is a popular ingredient in Southeast Asia, where its known for its beautiful blue shade and color-changing properties. It kind of reminds me of lava lamp in a cup. I’m not sure how the flavors of tea, coffee and lemonade will all meld together, but if all else fails, the drink is sure to be a hit on Instagram.

The colorful cold brew is not the only new drink hitting Starbucks’ menus in Asia. Check out the Macadamia Cocoa Cappuccino, which infuses espresso and milk foam with macadamia cocoa sauce. It’s topped with crumbled macadamias, graham crackers and a nutty chocolate drizzle. It’s available both hot and iced.


For devotees of the macchiato, there’s a new twist on that drink coming as well. The Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato features steamed milk with Tahitian vanilla syrup and topped with Starbucks Signature Espresso. It’s topped with vanilla bean specks and vanilla drizzle. This drink is available hot or iced.


While I don’t think I will make it to Asia any time soon, I do have my fingers crossed that these drinks make their way to the United States so I can try them out for myself.