You can now add ‘cold foam’ to the top of your Starbucks iced coffee drinks

Here is some exciting news: Starbucks has just unveiled “cold foam,” and it’s going to make all of your icy coffee drinks even sweeter this summer.

As most of you probably know, you can get foam on your hot drinks when you go to Starbucks. Since the 1980s, the coffee chain has been known for offering foam on their lattes and cappuccinos, and you can specify whether you want extra foam, medium foam or light foam.

Essentially, Starbucks’ hot foam is aerated milk, and it’s created by whipping warm milk to a frothy consistency. Understandably, this has only been an option if you’re ordering a hot drink, as you wouldn’t want a bunch of warm milk on top of your iced latte.

But now Starbucks has broken the rules of food science in order to create a COLD foam! Drinks topped with cold foam even come in a special cup without a straw, so you can get a little bit of that foamy goodness in every sip.

With the help of a special blender, Starbucks has found a way to turn cold milk into foam, and in doing so, they have finally created a sweet, frothy topping that will will surely make their iced coffee drinks even more incredible.

In order to celebrate their new cold foam offering, Starbucks is also adding two new ice-cold drinks to their menu. There’s the Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew, which is sweetened with vanilla syrup as well as the Cascara topping, which adds subtle brown sugar and maple flavors.


You can also try the Cold Foam Starbucks Blonde Iced Cappuccino, a mix of blonde espresso shots and milk over ice, topped with cold foam.



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