Starbucks now has coffee ice cubes to keep your cold drinks from getting watery

If you’re a firm believer that you can never have too much coffee, you’re in luck. It seems Starbucks definitely agrees with you, so it’s no wonder you two get along so well.

Just in time for iced latte season (otherwise known as summer), Starbucks is testing coffee ice cubes in select locations! So if you hate those last few watered-down sips of your iced coffee beverages, those days could soon be long gone.

At about 100 Starbucks locations in Baltimore and St. Louis, you can now substitute regular ice for even better, caffeinated ice cubes made from coffee. The upgrade will cost you an extra 80 cents, but hey—money well spent, right?


Of course, the ice cubes are made using Starbucks coffee, so as your drink melts, you’ll be getting even more of that delicious coffee flavor you love. According to Reddit user owlcitizen44, the ice is shipped to Starbucks already prepared, and the employees are tasked with breaking it into chunks, just in case you’re wondering how this ingenious coffee ice is made.

No word yet on when Starbucks’ plans to introduce coffee ice cubes at all locations. But thankfully for those of us nowhere near Baltimore or St. Louis, it’s easy enough to make these ice cubes in your very own kitchen.

ice tray photo
Flickr | jimmiehomeschoolmom

Being the lover of iced coffee that I am (no matter what time of the year it is), I do this for myself at home all of the time. To make your own coffee ice cubes, you can simply brew coffee, wait for it to cool and pour it into an ice tray. Pop it in the freezer, and in the morning, you’ve got a great way to keep your iced coffee drinks cold—and potent.

These cubes are also great for making blended drinks. Throw them in the blender to add a little boost of caffeine to your smoothies or indulge in a frappuccino without waiting in the Starbucks line.

Whether you get your coffee ice cubes at Starbucks or make them at home, may your iced coffee drinks never again be watered down!