Starbucks Is Opening High-End Bakeries Called Princi

There’s nothing like strong coffee and fresh-baked bread to start your morning, and the latest Starbucks partnership will deliver all that and more. On Nov. 7, Starbucks opened a Princi bakery location within its Seattle-based Reserve Roastery and is gearing up to open more bakeries at locations around the world.

According to CNBC, Princi’s 100-item menu includes everything from fresh-baked ciabatta to focaccia sandwiches filled with salami to pizza by the slice to salads. And of course, there will be desserts! The ingredients will be flown from Italy and prepared fresh daily.


Princi bakeries are founded by artisan breadmaker Rocco Princi, who learned to cook from his grandmother in Calabria. He began making bread for a Milan bakery in 1985 and added an espresso bar the next year. Princi already has a total of six stores in Milan and London, but thanks to Starbucks, they get to bring that Italian flare to America.

According to a press release, Starbucks plans to bring Princi bakeries to its other Reserve Roasteries—Shanghai, Milan, New York, Tokyo and Chicago all have roasteries in the works—as well as open stand-alone Princi locations in 2018. Mucho bella! (Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket for Starbucks—the company has 26,000 stores in 74 countries around the world!)


Howard Schultz,  the executive chairman of Starbucks, said the bakeries are going to be a major hit among Starbucks customers.

“Rocco Princi is an artisan who, at an early age, discovered a love of bread-making and through determination as well as an obsession for finding the perfect ingredients, has created an Italian food experience that I think is unparalleled,” Schultz said in a press release. “His passion for authentic food and respect for Milanese culture come through in everything he does, and I think our customers are going to fall in love with Princi.”


According to one tweet, as soon as the bakery opened in Seattle, there was a line beginning to form:

Not only will a focus on food be somewhat of a shift for Starbucks, but the company is also looking to make the experience of dining at Princi as immersive as possible.

“All of this is also in plain view for customers to experience and explore the menu with bakers baking fresh right in front of you—a first for Starbucks,” a Starbucks spokesperson told Today.


“I am excited and humbled that the people of Seattle will now be able to experience our food,” founder Princi said in a press release.

And we’re fairly certain we speak for the rest of the U.S. when we say—we can’t wait to experience this first-hand, either!