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Starbucks’ Red Cups Are Here, And They’re Better Than Ever

There are 13 different customer-created designs this year!

Starbucks is really making us wait for the red cup magic to start this year. First, they launched green cups to promote unity, and now, finally, they’re back with their beloved red cups. The red cups are available now, just in time to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

But, this time the cups are better than ever before. Because there are 13 of them! This will surely only lead us to new, deeper levels of Starbucks addiction as we try to see each one.

Another cool factoid is that these cups were created by customers around the world. Apparently, Starbucks held a red cup contest last year, and that’s how this year’s designs were born.

“We hope that this year’s red holiday cup designs express the shared spirit of the holidays as told by our customers,” said Sharon Rothstein, Starbucks global chief marketing officer said in a release.

The cups now feature everything from Christmas ornaments to snowy woodland scenes. Each and every single design is sure to help put you in the holiday spirit. Because nothing quite beats this time of the year!

And if you didn’t already plan on having Starbucks coffee in a red cup this holiday season, you definitely will now! Because these cups are so good—they’re practically collector’s items. Take a look below:


If you’re excited to give these new designs a try, then you’ll be happy to know that from Nov. 10-Nov. 14 you can buy one holiday drink and get a free one to share with someone from 2-5 p.m.. So, that’s two new red cups filled with a delicious holiday drink for the price of one! Not bad, not bad at all!

There’s even a design for an iced coffee drink in the line-up, so when it comes to bringing the holiday spirit, Starbucks has really thought of everything.

Now that we have these new designs, it is proving to be worth the long wait and the very few internet sneak peeks we’ve had to live with until this point. Starbucks is in the business of bringing cheer, one cup of coffee at a time. And boy, oh boy, have they delivered this year!