Starbucks secret menu drink tastes just like Malibu Rum without the alcohol

The customized drinks from the so-called “secret menu” at Starbucks often become just as popular as the regular drinks featured on the official Starbucks menu. The trick is knowing exactly what to order, as there isn’t an actual menu to order from — you just have to know the specific combination of ingredients that will create the desired concoction.

The latest secret beverage that’s taking TikTok by storm tastes just like Malibu Rum. Of course, it doesn’t contain any alcohol, so you could even order this fun drink during your lunch break.

To try it out for yourself, order a venti lemonade with coconut milk, two pumps of vanilla syrup and ice. This tropical treat is sure to refresh on a hot summer’s day. It would be great to sip poolside, or it could even simply provide an escape to a warm beach in your mind, even if you’re stuck at work or running errands.

TikTok user @sublime_artist is a Starbucks barista and says she came up with the drink a year ago. She took to the social media platform to show how to properly order the secret menu item — and she added a bit of a twist. She recommends ordering either a splash of peach juice or strawberry puree at the top:


Had to come back with the HEAT 🥵 #starbucks virginmalibu @annaxsitar #fyp #barista

♬ original sound – Mariam 🦋

Yum! Although the “Virgin Malibu” is nonalcoholic, TikTok user Sydney’s Happy Hour pointed out that you could add a spirit for a delicious adult beverage, writing in the comments, “Getting these and adding rum sounds like an amazing cocktail.”

“This is my go to drink honestly,” wrote user Karen Guzman.

“I added vanilla cold foam and pineapple ginger in the foam so good thank you for this drink,” wrote Denise_Allen.

The Starbucks barista, @sublime_artist, features other fun Starbucks concoctions on her page, like the Grinch Frappuccino, which starts with a vanilla bean frappuccino and is perfect for the holiday season:


What other holiday drinks should I make?! #fyp #starbucks #cc #closecaptions #barista

♬ Mr. Grinch – Dailey & Vincent

And if you’re a devotee of the keto diet, you’ll definitely want to try the Keto Iced Coffee:


Ask for no classic! #keto #starbucks #barista #coffee #fyp

♬ original sound – Mariam 🦋

Do you have a favorite Starbucks drink?


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