We Tried The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino And Here’s The Verdict

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It’s official, the rumors are true! As of today, the mythical Starbucks unicorn frappuccino drink has finally become a reality. However, the colorful frappuccino will be gone before we know it. The unicorn frappuccino is only staying in town through April 23 or while supplies lasts.

While the unicorn frappuccino may look like cotton candy, that is not the case here. The base of the frappuccino is made with cream frappuccino mix blended with mango syrup and sweet pink powder, layered with an electric blue sour drizzle, and topped with vanilla whipped cream sprinkled with pink and blue powder. After seeing the pictures, and hearing the buzz, I just had to try one myself to see if it lived up to the hype. And here’s what I found.

The verdict is in: It’s actually a pretty tasty treat! (In small doses.)

I say small doses, because the blue sour drizzle is super sour. Plus, the drink tastes like pure mango sugary goodness, which can get overwhelming. I’d say the best way to describe the frapp is that it tastes oddly similar to Sour Patch Kids candy. So if you’re into that, we may have just found your new favorite drink!

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As for the rumors of the drink changing taste and color as mix it, that’s true. The drink—as it comes through the straw—starts out a purple color, mixed with a blue drizzle. My first sip, before mixing, was definitely sour. As I mixed the drink, to my surprise, my drink became a shade of bright pink, and I tasted more of the sugary mango flavor and less of the sour flavor, but the frapp was still tart.

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Caitlyn Maloney

And in case you were wondering, there’s absolutely no taste of coffee here. As an avid coffee drinker, I was hoping for at least a hint of coffee flavor because it is Starbucks, after all, but when it comes to this frappuccino, coffee is not what you’ll get.

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Caityn Maloney

All in all, I think the unicorn frappuccino is worth trying. And it definitely lived up to the hype as far as its pretty tie-dye appearance, tangy flavor and color-changing abilities. With that being said, if you aren’t a huge sour candy fan, you probably won’t be a fan of this Frappuccino.

Be sure to check with your local Starbucks to see if you can get your hands on one! And remember that this unicorn frappuccino will be disappearing after April 23.

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