This Starbucks Drink Chart Finds The Perfect Drink For Your Zodiac Sign

Your coffee order may be written in the stars! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Starbucks released a drink chart explaining what you should order for yourself and your Valentine depending on your astrological signs.

The coffee company posted the adorably illustrated zodiac chart on social media in an attempt to help anyone gifting their Valentines with coffee.

They tweeted the chart along with the caption, “Roses are red, the stars are aligned. Find the perfect drink for your Valentine.” For instance, Starbucks is predicting if you’re a Virgo (born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 23), your go-to order is an Iced Caramel Macchiato. If you’re a Pisces (born between Feb. 19 and March 20), a Java Chip Frappaccino will do for you:

It turns out, the company might be on to something here! People flooded their posts with responses, letting Starbucks know how spot-on these drink selections were.

Twitter user @Ryan_hg wrote, “This is real. Cold Brew is my fav,” and couldn’t help but ask “How did u [sic] know?”:

Twitter user @coffeeheartpoet described the chart as “scary” accurate:

Twitter user @Kvyle3 also noticed that Starbucks knows their order so well, tweeting “I’m an Aries and the pink drink is literally the only drink I like from Starbucks”:

Starbucks responded coyly “The stars don’t lie”:

Regardless of whether you believe there’s a greater force behind your coffee order, this chart will serve as a great ice breaker for anyone hoping to surprise a Valentine. By simply asking about when they were born, you could show up with their exact coffee order in-hand.

So, did the Starbucks drink chart nail your order?