6 Stereotypes Of The Taurus Sign That Are Surprisingly True

Anyone born April 20-May 20 has Taurus as their astrological sign, and that, of course, comes along with some personality stereotypes. A Taurus is said to be “stubborn” more times than not, and that may be true. But, not necessarily with the negative connotation the word usually carries.

Those with the Taurus sign are persistent and don’t mind being on their own. So, yes, they do things a particular way, but that’s just because they’re so determined to get the job done. And I see nothing wrong with that.

This sign has a small circle of friends, but they are extremely loyal to those who they hold dear. So, if you’re friends with someone born from April 20-May 20, consider yourself lucky. Because you’ve got a friend who’d do anything for you!

Find out which Taurus stereotypes are actually true. These 6 characteristics definitely tend to be more fact than fiction.

1. They’re Dependable

If a Taurus says they’re going to do something, then you can count on them to follow through. They’ll always keep their “good friend” status by never leaving you hanging.


2. They’re Persistent

They tend to work hard to get what they say they’re going to do done. They don’t need outside help to do it, either. They’re self-motivated and very persistent. You know, the “won’t take ‘no’ for an answer type.”


3. They’re Loyal

Because they don’t befriend just anybody, those with this astrological sign take the friendships they do have very seriously. So, you can always count on them to be there when you need them to be.


4. They’re Stubborn

Because of their independent, persistent nature, they get labeled as “stubborn.” And I suppose, they are, but that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. It just depends on the degree of stubbornness, I suppose. My guess is a Taurus is likely to listen to a friend, being that the few close pals they do have are so treasured.


5. They’re Generous & Giving

If you’re looking for someone that will go out of their way to always be extremely generous, then you need to go out and find someone born between April 20-May 20. Because you can bet that these people like to give their all to treat their friends special.


6. They’re Kind

Once you’re in the “inner circle” with a Taurus, you’ll never find someone more kind. They don’t mind being on their own, but the fact that they like to be alone isn’t telling of their personality when it comes to kindness, because usually, they’re quite kind to friends and strangers, alike.


Aside from that whole stubborn thing, these really aren’t a bad set of stereotypes to have associated with your personality, and the fact that they’re actually true characteristic traits is even better news for those who know a Taurus or for someone who is one!