The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s Family Is Returning To Animal Planet

Millions of Americans used to tune in and watch Steve Irwin as the “Crocodile Hunter” on Animal Planet. Despite the misleading title of his show, Irwin was actually an ally for animals and a fierce protector of their natural habitats. His tragic death from a stingray in 2006 left a hole in many people’s hearts, and it also meant the end of his beloved TV show.

Over a decade since Irwin last educated and entertained us with his wit and  compassion for animals, his family is returning to Animal Planet. Starring his wife Terri Irwin, and children Robert, 13, and Bindi, 19, the program will air in 2018, according to the Associated Press. As of right now, though, all other details about the coming project and its potential TV and digital components are still in flux.


Animal Planet’s general manager told the AP that several possibilities are being discussed, but it will of course be focused on wildlife.

This is not the first time that Irwin’s children have graced our television screens. They both often appeared on their father’s show, along with Terri. There was even a bit of a media kerfuffle when Irwin fed a crocodile while holding his then-infant son, Robert. (Don’t try that at home, folks!)

Bindi Irwin competed on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” where she wowed viewers with her dance ability as well as wholesome and caring demeanor. It was easy to see her father had strongly influenced her values, and it is no surprise she and fellow dancer Derek Hough took home first place for Season 21.


Here is Bindi becoming very emotional during a touching tribute to her father on “Dancing with the Stars”:

Robert Irwin has also appeared on TV, following in his dad’s footsteps by bringing animals on talk shows. Just check out this clip of Robert on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” with a couple of adorable baby bears:

Wow! It’s like seeing the Crocodile Hunter back in action, isn’t it? Who else is so excited to see the Irwin family and their beloved animals back together on Animal Planet?