Steve Irwin’s son terrified Kevin Hart with baby animals—And it’s hilarious

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Just like oil and water, Kevin Hart and exotic animals do not mix.

Hart stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” recently to help celebrate Jimmy Fallon‘s 44th birthday. The Philadelphia-born comic served as Fallon’s co-host, meaning he was right there for every segment.

One of these segments was an interview with Robert Irwin, son of the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, who is starring with his family in a new Animal Planet show. Naturally, the 14-year-old nature conservationist brought animals to the set, and Hart was not having any bit of it.

Watch Irwin scare Hart with various animals in this video posted by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

The clip contains strong language, so viewer discretion is advised:

Hart’s reaction to the creatures Irwin had brought to “The Tonight Show” is downright hilarious. When the animal expert introduced a baby ostrich named Giselle, the “Night School” star jetted off stage, keeping his distance.

As she chirped while in Irwin’s arms, Hart joked, “You know what she’s saying? ‘I want some little black man.’ That’s what she’s saying.”

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“Let me tell you what I’ve gotten really good at in my life — saying no,” Hart later quipped when coaxed by Fallon and the audience to interact with the animals.

This isn’t the first time Fallon frightened Hart during an episode of “The Tonight Show.” Back in 2016, the late-night TV host brought the 39-year-old comic to a haunted house to get into the Halloween spirit. Both of them became so scared that they farted.

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