Steve Madden Platform Sandals Are Back In Style

Looking back, the ’90s were filled with some pretty ridiculous and memorable trends. I still shudder when I think of the tank-top-over-a-t-shirt look I rocked regularly back in the day. Well, what goes around comes around. Some of the hottest fads from the ’90s are making a comeback, including Lisa Frank, malt beverage Zima and Bath & Body Works classic scents. Next up? Steve Madden’s iconic platform slide-on sandals.

Steve Madden

Who could forget this footwear staple from the decade of Britney Spears, boy bands and “Dawson’s Creek”? Along with glitter eyeshadow, a baby tee and flared jeans, every ’90s girl had to own a pair of these babies. The “Slinky” sandals retail for $69.95 and are available for pre-order on Steve Madden’s site now. So hurry before the nostalgia-obsessed among us snatch them all up! Slipping into these will make you feel like you stepped back in time.

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Looking for even more throwback-inspired kicks from the ’90s shoe king? The decade was all about the platform—the bigger and chunkier, the better. If height is what you’re after, check out the “GiGi,” which comes in pink or black leather.

Steve Madden

“Clueless” devotees will love these Cher Horowitz-esque platforms complete with a fluffy, feathered t-strap.

Steve Madden

Guys can get in on the fun with these simple slip-ons that are reminiscent of something Zack Morris would have worn.

mens platforms
Steve Madden

If all this talk of the ’90s has you feeling old, brace yourself. These 10 movies turn 20 in 2017. Yes, “Titanic” is two decades old! Late last year, ’90s heartthrob Luke Perry was on the cover of AARP Magazine. Yup, Dylan McKay is officially a senior citizen. Lastly, super-group Hanson has announced a reunion tour to celebrate their—wait for it—25th anniversary. “Mmm-Bop” can’t possibly be a quarter of a century old, can it?! Yikes!

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Long live the ’90s—platform sandals and all!