Steve Martin Is Teaching An Online Comedy Class And It Sounds Amazing

For anyone who has ever thought about becoming a comedian, now is your chance. The one and only Steve Martin is teaching an online comedy course that we ordinary folk can enroll in today.

This is not a drill. The comedian/actor/writer, is sharing his talents online using the platform MasterClass. The class will focus on multiple different aspects of comedy to help shape aspiring comedians. Starting with Martin’s own specific process, performing comedy, writing and editing.

If you need more convincing about how awesome this opportunity is, watch the video below because everything sounds better when Steve Martin is saying it.

In true Martin fashion, the video starts out with a few funny jokes. “I hope you’ve got your list of things you’ll need to take this course: Your marble apple and your stapler—very essential to learn comedy!”

We’re already feeling inspired by Martin. It’s clear he’ll be a great teacher.

“Remember, you are a thought machine,” Martin says. “Everything you see, hear, experience is usable. Whatever makes you unique as a performer, do it, and know that there is room for you.”

Aside from Martin’s good humor and wise advice, this online class will feature over 25 videos and a downloadable workbook. In addition to this, participants in the course will be able to upload their own routines and receive feedback from classmates. Martin will even critique select students work!


Pre-enrollment for this course is now open for just $90, a small price to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime experience like this. Simply head over to MasterClass to get started and reserve your spot.

The MasterClass site doesn’t specify when the course actually begins, but pre-enrollment in the course comes with the disclaimer that you can get your money back if you’re not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase. But really, who could leave this course unsatisfied?

This is not the first time a celebrity has offered a course through MasterClass. Previous celeb instructors include: Gordon Ramsay teaching cooking, Kevin Spacey teaching acting, and Christina Aguilera teaching singing. Other upcoming classes include Shonda Rhimes leading a writing for television course and Frank Gehry leading a course on design and architecture.

We can’t wait to sign up for them all (eventually), but for now, we’ll start with Steve Martin’s comedy class.