Stock Up Kids: Sibling Duo Teach About Stocks And Finance

They’re cute, they’re talented and they’re smart. Spirit and Kali Rahman aren’t your ordinary kids.

The brother and sister are entrepreneurs. Their business? Stock Up Kids.

“We started with companies that we already knew like Nike, Microsoft, McDonald’s and stuff like that and we just used Yahoo Finance which is a free website,” Kali says. He says they started paper trading when he was 9 and Spirit 7. Now as 6th and 7th graders, they’ve taken their show on the road.

Now they’re swing trading and doing speaking engagements at schools and colleges.

They have a YouTube channel, a subscription service on their website and they’re constantly learning from mentors. On Sundays, they have round table meetings to discuss trades. They go over different terms to ensure they know the language well.

Their parents, Gary and Callie. say their desire to become entrepreneurs started with Spirit wanting to be on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” He told her they’d have to come up with a niche, something unique, hence Stock Up Kids was born.

“We’re very proud of them,” Callie says. “In the way that they carry themselves and share the information. They really want to give back.”

But their mom says they’re still kids, so they try to keep it fun. While Spirit is dreaming of bright lights on the talk show circuit, Kali wants to be a zoologist and play football for the Baltimore Ravens — and they both want to continue counting their cash.

“We’re on pace to become millionaires by the time we’re 18,” Kali says.

By Kelly Swoope, WMAR