Can Drinking This Help Stop A Cold In Its Tracks?

The common cold is one of the largest reasons for missed days at work in the US. As I write this, I hear someone in the next cube suppressing a sniffle. Eww.

My flu shot isn’t scheduled until next week, and my fingers are crossed that I can last until then. But there may be a new way to fight off the bug.

Thanks to science, I can back my own claims that daily sips of red wine actually are doing me some good. According to a study by Carnegie Mellon, those that drank alcohol in moderation were less likely to get a cold or flu.


But why? And what is the best type of spirit to drink?

According to a study in Spain, the antioxidants in red wine and darker beers (like Guiness) might actually help a person fight off the cold or flu.

So raise your glass my friends – and cheers!

red wine photo