8 storage containers to help you get your pantry under control


Your pantry might have double doors and room to roam around or it might consist of a single cupboard among your kitchen cabinets. However, no matter the size, using streamlined and even stylish storage containers to organize your pantry can make your kitchen seem cleaner and your meal planning more efficient.

With so many types of pantry storage items available, finding the best ones can be overwhelming. To simplify the process of getting your food items in order, we found some of the most clever, tidy and sensible options Amazon has to offer.

1. Hanging Baskets With Chalkboards

Not everything in your pantry needs to be sealed up in lidded containers. For produce such as onions, potatoes and citrus fruits, these three-tiered wire baskets hold an abundance. Each basket has a built-in chalkboard for easy labeling or even use-by dates.


2. Airtight Canisters With Labels

Chances are good your pantry is filled with many different items in a variety of sizes. This seven-piece set of airtight canisters comes in four different sizes from mini to large. The canisters also include reusable labels and a special chalkboard marker.


3. Airtight Coffee Canister

If you’re a coffee-lover, you know the importance of fresh beans or grounds. This canister removes and locks out air, preserving flavor and freshness. The airtight insert is clear so you’ll always know when you’re running low on Joe.


4. Vacuum Sealing Set

One way to make foods last longer is by vacuum sealing them. These cute and colorful containers make it easy to do so, as each set includes a mini electric pump. The BPA-free materials used in these storage containers are safe for microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators.


5. Baking Canister Set

Keep staples such as flour and sugar on hand and fresh in an attractive way. These canisters have air-tight lids with silicone seals; some have smaller openings for pouring out ingredients, as well. The containers are stackable, to boot.


6. Tea Bag Organizer

Enjoy a hot cup of tea on the regularly by keeping a variety of bags neatly stored in your pantry. This container will hold more than 100 individual bags without taking up much space. The clear bins are removable to make filling, removing and cleaning a breeze.


7. Cereal Dispensers

Who knew that storage containers could help you with portion control? These dispensers dole out one ounce of food per twist. They’re meant for dry cereal but could also be used for small items such as nuts, candy or granola.


8. Glass And Stainless Canisters

Getting your pantry organized could help you put together your shopping list more quickly. These stainless steel canisters include slender glass windows that display the contents and let you gauge the amount remaining. The vivid red containers will spice up your shelves, as well.


Do these sleek storage containers make you feel inspired to organize your pantry?

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