Store paper towels out of sight with simple trick


Paper towels are a staple in the kitchen and beyond, but storing rolls of paper products on your kitchen counter can look unsightly. That’s why we are loving this clever storage solution from The Organized Home.

To recreate this storage hack, you don’t need your toolbox. That’s right, no screwdriver or hammer required. And it will cost you about $10 or less!

All you have to do is buy a tension rod from your local hardware store or look in the home goods section of stores like Target or Walmart. Or Amazon has lots of possibilities, including this pack of three rods for $9.98:


Now, you just need to find a cabinet drawer or cupboard with enough depth and width that a roll of paper towels will comfortably fit. Make sure it is convenient and easy to access, like the shelf closest to your kitchen sink, or the space below your kitchen island. Then, whenever you need a roll, you can easily open the drawer and grab a square. Just make sure to tell your family where the heck you’re keeping the paper towels now!

Looking for other clever kitchen storage ideas for your cleaning essentials? Install hooks on the inside of a cabinet door where you can keep cleaning supplies like disinfecting spray. You can even install a rag dispenser like Kelly at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking did, if you’re looking for a greener (and cheaper!) solution to paper towels.

We like this simplehuman dispenser from Amazon for $14.97, which is marketed for trash bags but can easily be repurposed as a rag holder.


If you have little ones and want to be sure that your cleaning supplies are out of reach, try this kitchen storage hack from My Family Griffin. Blogger Nati Griffin repurposes an over-the-door shoe rack as a cleaning supply storage system. Hang it over the pantry door or laundry room door.

Or use a fabric hanging shelving system (like this one) for easy paper towel storage and also cleaning supplies like sponges, sprays, dust rags and so much more.

What are your favorite hacks for organizing your life?

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