Stouffer’s is launching a tabletop mac and cheese dispenser

Mark your calendars, folks, because National Mac and Cheese Day falls on Tuesday, July 14 this year.

Stouffer’s, one of the household names in macaroni and cheese, is teasing lovers of the classic dish with a new product: a unique mac and cheese dispenser.

Mac On Tap

On June 26, Stouffer’s took to its social media accounts to make an intriguing announcement.

“It’s very real,” the frozen food brand posted on Twitter and Facebook. “We created a Mac on Tap dispenser delivering Mac & Cheese straight from the tap! Coming soon…”

You read that correctly. Stouffer’s says they have concocted a machine that will dispense creamy, cheesy noodles as needed. And when don’t you need them?

The brand certainly knows a thing or two about innovation. In 1922, Mahala and Abraham Stouffer began selling fresh buttermilk and giving out free crackers in the Arcade, Cleveland’s historic shopping center. The company grew into a successful restaurant and hotel chain. In 1954, Stouffer’s began making its dishes accessible to people everywhere by creating frozen entrees. It claims to be one of the first companies to do so.

Now, the company has seemingly made another innovative move. Today reports that Mac on Tap is a food dispenser with an internal heater to keep pre-cooked Stouffer’s mac and cheese at the right temperature for serving. Once the lever is pulled, the mac and cheese can be poured into a bowl or over other food.

But just how and where it might be used remains to be seen.

Not Available To Consumers … Yet

Stouffer’s has played it somewhat close to the vest regarding the details of this device. Although the social media posts have thousands of likes, shares and comments, the company has yet to divulge whether this might be available for home use or seen only in restaurants, although it’s likely destined for convenience stores. We also don’t know if it has other applications.

However, the company did respond to questions and comments on their posts.

“Our team is still working through how to best bring it to life for all of our fans,” Stouffer’s replied when a fan asked for more info. “Stay tuned for details.”

The company confirmed that the dispenser is indeed real and that Mac on Tap prototypes have been developed.

Twitter users, like @tempdawg13, are also excited.

It might seem like a prank, but Stouffer’s attests that it’s not.

“Life-long customer here,” Hugo Alberto Guzman Cota commented on Facebook. “This is honestly the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. Please don’t be a joke. Please, I’m begging you.”

“It’s no joke, Hugo,” the brand replied.

In response to another commenter’s question, the company promised future updates on the availability of the product.

“We’re excited for fans like you to enjoy it after we finish testing and perfecting our dispenser,” Stouffer’s posted. “We’ll continue to keep followers in the loop on where and how they can use it in the future. Anything is possible!”

Stouffer’s told Today that the dispenser will come out sometime this year. If you’d like to have a say in where Mac on Tap machines will be installed, simply post your idea to Instagram and Twitter and tag Stouffer’s (@Stouffers). Locations will be announced at a later date.

Here’s one enterprising Twitter user, @JayBirdW3, who has a great idea for a nesting site:

2020 might definitely be redeemed if somehow we can get a Stouffer’s Mac on Tap mac and cheese dispenser in our lives. Let’s hope we hear more soon!