Stranger picks up IHOP tab for family struggling with fussy twins on car trip


Parents know that a road trip with a baby can be a nightmare. Even stopping for a break hardly counts as “rest.” And when it comes to twins? Forget about it.

One Reddit user, posting under the handle “neroiscariot” found himself in that exact situation. He says he was returning from his brother’s funeral with his wife and twin babies when the family stopped at an IHOP. In an already stressful situation, the poster says he was struggling to keep his children calm.

Though the two fussy children seemed to be bothering diners around the restaurant, one customer went of their way to brighten the family’s day.

“A stranger picked up our tab at IHOP while my wife and I were struggling to keep our twin babies calm. We cried,” neroiscariot posted. He included a photo of a receipt that included the message “Just breathe you’re doing great :).”

A stranger picked up our tab at IHOP while my wife and I were struggling to keep our twin babies calm. We cried.

The thread included plenty of kind words for the family.

The photo was posted on Reddit’s photo sharing site, Imgur, at midnight eastern on March 19. By early Monday, the post had rocketed up to Reddit’s front page, receiving more than 28,634 Reddit points.

“I’m a pretty cynical guy, but, half way through an 8 hour drive with 16 month olds…I needed this,” neroiscariot posted.

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