These straw rugs will liven up any outdoor space for your summer get-togethers


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Summer is officially here, finally! The days of cookouts, picnics, pool parties, and gatherings around the fire pit are just waiting to be enjoyed. But, maybe you’re looking around your backyard deck, patio, or other outdoor spaces and wishing you could add a little excitement to your setup.

We have good news if you’re not wanting to spend a fortune on an entire makeover of your outdoor space. Sometimes all you need is a new piece or two to liven up a tired-looking area, and it can be as simple as getting some decorative straw rugs!

The X-Lounge Outdoor Straw Rug from Amazon is the perfect design solution to give your backyard or deck a whole new look for under $35!


Much in the same way indoor area rugs add color and texture to the home, straw rugs breathe new life into an outdoor living space. Straw rugs are like this one are made of lightweight and durable material that is breathable, which means they won’t trap moisture underneath and possibly ruin your deck.

Straw rugs can be swept clean or can be hand-washed to remove more stubborn dirt and then hung up to dry. This one also has a UV coating to protect it from sun damage and fading. Not only does the rug look fantastic on a deck or patio, but it can also help protect feet from the heat of the sun as it bakes the outside decking or concrete.

The 5-foot by 8-foot straw rugs currently come in five different colors/patterns (blue, navy, black and white, black, and gray). Prices for all the 5-by-8 rugs are just $33.99 right now (for items that have regular prices ranging from $39.99-$53.99).

In addition to making great deck decor, the X-Lounge Outdoor Straw Rug is portable and can be used for picnics and trips to the beach. Its large size allows lots of room for people to spread out comfortably while keeping grass, dirt, or sand away from your food and clothing. It comes with its own fabric carrying bag, too.


This product has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating after about 70 consumers have weighed in. One Amazon reviewer, Jim Morton, shared a 5-star review and talked about the many uses he’s discovered for the straw rugs.

“I already have one of these I am using in an outdoor meditation area I made, as a ground mat, and it’s working great. It’s waterproof plastic and has a weave pattern so the water won’t accumulate on it either,” he wrote, noting that a new one he just got will be used as a floor covering for a gazebo. “As a picnic blanket or beach blanket, this would work great.”

Another Amazon reviewer shared how easy these straw rugs clean up and help keep everyone’s feet comfortable on a hot deck.

“This is the perfect foot protector from a hot deck!” I’m Missy the mama of em. wrote in her review. “It’s so lightweight that you need to position your outdoor furniture on top of it so it doesn’t blow away with higher wind gusts. A quick spray with a hose cleans up nicely.”

Amazon | Missy

The X-Lounge Outdoor Straw Rug is a convenient solution to adding some style to your backyard area without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

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