This strawberry cake recipe is a sweet way to welcome spring

Springtime means strawberry time! In-season strawberries are the absolute best — and this ingenious strawberry cake recipe that we found by Sally’s Baking Addiction is a delicious tribute to the return of spring.

When the craving for a strawberry cake hits me, I usually take the easy way out and buy a boxed cake mix. The Baking Addiction method looks simple enough that I’m actually tempted to try a from-scratch strawberry cake. The key is maximizing strawberry flavor and getting that enticing pink color without bogging the cake down from excess moisture.

Sally’s solution: Purée fresh strawberries and reduce them on the stove before adding to a white cake batter.

Sally's Baking Addiction

(By the way, I seriously have “Raspberry Beret” by Prince in my head right now, except I’m singing “strawberry purée” as the chorus. Anyway, back to the recipe!)

Reducing your purée down to 1/2 cup gets some of that excess moisture out while concentrating that strawberry flavor. Bonus: When combined with the cake batter, the purée turns it a lovely rosy shade. Sally also adds just a touch of food coloring to bump up the pink factor.

She recommends making your reduction the day before you bake the cake, ensuring that it’s nice and cool before adding it to the batter.

Once you’ve got your pretty pink cake baked and cooled it’s time for the final touch — the frosting!

Sally has a secret weapon for the frosting: Instead of using an artificial strawberry flavor, she uses freeze-dried strawberries. The berries are ground to a dust in the food processor, then added to her vanilla cream cheese frosting recipe. Boom — the essence of strawberries and plenty of pink in one shot.

For a closer look at Sally’s techniques, check out a video version of the recipe on “Sprinkled,” her cooking series below. I don’t know about you but seeing a visual when trying a new recipe always helps build my confidence.

You can find the full, detailed recipe online at Sally’s Baking Addiction, as well.

Fresh, in-season strawberries should start showing up in stores soon. Then it’s go-time for this dreamy dessert!