Strawberry s’mores are a fruity twist on a classic summer dessert

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Did you know that the first-ever s’mores recipe was first published in a Girl Scouts Handbook all the way back in 1927? S’mores have come a long way since then.

We highly doubt Girl Scouts in the 1920s ever would have predicted the existence of s’mores bagels or s’mores martinis, but that’s progress for you. And now, there’s another twist on the traditional s’mores: Strawberry S’mores!

In this recipe, arguably the best fruit of the season is paired with this classic sweet treat to create something that’s just begging to be eaten by a campfire, a bonfire or, well, just in front of the television. In fact, that’s what we love about this recipe. You don’t have to connect with your inner Bear Grylls or your inner Girl Scout to make these treats. Just heat up your oven, grab a baking sheet and you can have indoors s’mores, no bugs or bears allowed.

You can find the recipe from Simply Stacie here.

Simply Stacie

The nice thing about adding fruit to s’mores is that you really can’t go wrong. Any fruit is improved with the addition of chocolate.

This recipe from California Walnuts offers the perfect way to celebrate the Fourth of July… or the fifth of July, or any day you just want to eat something that is absurdly delicious.

Their recipe calls for strawberries and blueberries, with marshmallow creme and melted white chocolate rounding out the white in this American flag-inspired recipe. Of course, they also add California walnuts, but you could do any kind of chopped or crushed nut.

California Walnuts

Bananas are also a no-brainer addition to this campfire classic, like these s’mores banana boats that made our summer last year.

But, let’s face it, sometimes fruit feels just a little too healthy. For those times when you really want to let your hair down, you have to try this recipe for Reese’s Campfire Cup S’mores. It’s like a traditional s’more on steroids. Instead of a Hershey’s chocolate bar, you use Reese’s peanut butter cups for your chocolate base.

How have we never thought of this (or any of these twists on the classic s’mores) before?

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