Why Having A Strong-Willed Child Is A Good Thing

Having a headstrong kid can lead to great things down the road.

As a parent, your dream child likely displays a good bit of obedience and cooperation. No one wants to deal with a son or daughter who is constantly saying no or questioning all your decisions. If this isn’t the reality of your child, however, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily be disappointed. Having a strong-willed child can be a positive thing, given of course that your child is still well-behaved and respectful when necessary.

Although you might not see it yet, having a headstrong kid can lead to great things down the line. If you’re not convinced, here are five reasons why having a strong-willed child is a good thing.

1. They Think For Themselves

You want your child to listen to what they’re told — but when it’s something they should be doing, and not something negative. Blind obedience is definitely not a good thing, so if you are able to teach them the reasoning behind what you’re directing, they’ll be able to understand the difference between right and wrong.

2. They’re Passionate

You might think having an opinionated child is bad, but having an apathetic one is worse. Strong-willed children are generally focused, interested in what they are doing, and considered creative and intelligent. Down the line, these qualities will definitely come in handy.

3. They Take On Leadership Roles

According to Laura Markham, a clinical psychologist at Columbia University, strong-willed children are spirited and rambunctious, and they eventually turn into leaders as adults. They resist peer pressure, and they take the time to decide who they trust and build relationships with.

4. They Have Opinions

Yes, it might be annoying to always hear what your offspring has to say about something, but this will pay off in the long run. A study from the journal Developmental Psychology found that picky children are more likely to end up as entrepreneurs and earn more money as adults.

5. They Don’t Care What Others Think

We always emphasize to kids how they should be themselves and not worry what others think of them, and strong-willed kids exhibit this. They wear what they want, do the activities they like, and don’t give in to bullies. This can help keep them from falling into the status quo and even allow them to be self-expressive.

Although parenting a strong-willed child can get exhausting, keeping open communication with your offspring can help facilitate the right growth, and it can even bring out a few life lessons for yourself. At the end of the day, a headstrong, creative, and passionate child turns into a headstrong, creative, passionate adult, and there’s nothing to argue with there.

Photo by Matthew Kenwrick