Students surprise teacher with Air Jordan ‘Dream shoes’ and his reaction is priceless

Every once in a while, a teacher makes a connection with their students that goes beyond lessons in a classroom. When that connection is made, something incredible happens. For students at Valley Christian School in Arizona, Spanish teacher Joe Lara has apparently made a tremendous impact — and they wanted to show their gratitude for all he’s done for them.

For Señor Lara’s birthday in April, the teens decided to get together, collect money and buy a gift for their favorite teacher. But, you can forget the stereotypical coffee mug or gift card teacher gift. These kids wanted to make a dream come true.

The students knew how much Lara wanted a pair of 2016 “French Blue” Air Jordan XII retro sneakers. So, with a little coordination and some secret money collecting and buying skills, these resourceful teenagers got the job done! Then, they surprised him on his big day.

After 10 years of waiting to get a pair of those Jordans, the beloved teacher got his birthday wish!

One student posted the video on Twitter and it went viral, with more than 6 million views so far, including replies from the Jordan brand and Michael Jordan’s son! In a retweet of the video, Air Jordan said it was “honored to be a part of your classroom.”

And, Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, complimented Lara’s taste in footwear:

Unfortunately, the students must say adios to their favorite teacher at the end of this school year. The same student who posted the Twitter video of Lara’s surprise gift wrote that he is leaving the school. “He has been an amazing father figure and best friend to me and he deserves this,” the student wrote of the gift.

Congratulations to Señor Lara and kudos to the students for making his birthday unforgettable!