Studies Show Maple Syrup Could Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

The American Chemical Society’s annual meeting recently revealed that there could be a link between eating pure maple syrup and preventing Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases. So, you know that I’m thinking? That’s right. Breakfast for dinner.

Brinner is always a viable option in my household, but having personally watched a grandparent deteriorate due to Alzheimer’s disease, I’m wanting to load up on maple syrup now more than ever.

24 studies focused on promoting brain health through diet revealed that maple syrup could help prevent proteins found in the brain from clumping together, according to The Telegraph. The syrup keeps the “clumping” from happening by not allowing beta-amyloid and tau peptide to stick together. It’s when these two become intertwined that plaque forms and Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases set in.

The research also showed that it can help prolong the life of those who have already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.


What is it about pure maple syrup that can help the clumping from happening? Researchers think that it could have something to do with the phenol concentrations it contains.

Phenolic compounds found in plants have antioxidant effects, which enable them to capture harmful free radicals before they cause serious damage to cells,” according to Medical Daily. It could be the very fact that pure maple syrup is tapped from a tree that makes it so much (tastier) and better for your brain than other artificial syrups.

So, get the skillets hot, and get ready to flip some pancakes. Then, smother them in maple syrup — your brain health could depend on it.

[h/t: Huffington Post]